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格雷格•Asner艾伦珊瑚图集和一个伙伴director of the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science at Arizona State University, diving in Mo’orea after a recent bleaching event. (Allen Coral Atlas Photo)

卫星面包的大小 - 以及一些人工智能 - 科学家和研究人员正在努力保护世界的珊瑚礁,以节省和恢复海洋生物。

自缺货以来发射今年10月,艾伦珊瑚地图集has grown to include data from coral reefs across six geographic zones. As the project approaches its one year anniversary, members of the Allen Coral Atlas team gathered at Vulcan Inc.’s Seattle offices on Thursday to present findings and look ahead at what’s possible with the bank of images and corresponding data.

该项目是由普通保罗allen的鸿沟创立的武术的主动性,他是狂热的潜水员,并全力以赴地目睹了珊瑚礁的威胁。地图集被揭幕了just a couple of weeks after艾伦在十月的死亡,继亿万富翁的激情之一以下:preserving the world’s oceans。Microsoft联合创始人构思了珊瑚地图集,以记录并监控地球珊瑚礁的状况。

Reef Ecosystems为数千种鱼类和植物生活提供保护,并作为世界级的旅游景点。但他们面临着气候变化影响的威胁,例如温暖的海洋温度,以及污染和破坏性的捕鱼实践。5月,A U.N.报告警告说,近33%的珊瑚礁形成珊瑚受到灭绝的威胁。

Multiple university partners and research institutionsare collaborating on the coral database, which is comprised of satellite imagery of tropical shallow coral reefs. The 3.7-meter resolution images form detailed maps of the reefs, including their depth and composition, and track changes driven by climate change and environmental factors. Vulcan and its partners aim to create a global map of coral reefs by the end of 2020.

The Moorea Map. (Allen Coral Atlas Image)


But the Allen Coral Atlas has the capability to unlock data around these events. For example, a sudden bleaching event occurred in French Polynesia last month.

“For the first time ever, we were able to track the bleaching event with our satellites that we’re using and at the same time, get in there with my field team, deploy to French Polynesia and measure the seafloor as it was bleaching,” recounted Greg Asner, a partner on the Allen Coral Atlas and director of the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science at Arizona State University.



Another factor is the evolution of AI. Asner’s team works with the latest AI to modify the images for scientific use, “to do things like digitally peel back the sea water so we can see the seafloor from these satellites — stuff that has not been possible until now,” he said.

The purpose of the maps is wide-ranging with overarching goals for conservation. Central to the project is the dissemination of coral reef data to local communities who can work to preserve regional ecosystems. It strengthens the data to collaborate with groups invested in the work at a grassroots level.




As the Allen Coral Atlas grows to cover more surface, the world’s reef communities gain new tools to help understand and care for their local ecosystems.

上周活动的其他发言者包括普拉曼的Lauren Kickham;Planet的Andrew Zolli;和海伦福克斯来自全国地理学会,另一个项目的另一个合作伙伴。

In addition to the Allen Coral Atlas, Allen left a丰富的科学项目遗产从中欣赏Allen Institute for Brain Scienceto the伟大的大象普查。He was a vocal advocate for开放科学符合该姿势,艾伦珊瑚阿特拉斯将为非商业科学和保护用途自由许可。


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