Marc Benioff,Salesforce的合作首席执行官,右边,在拉斯维加斯周三的Tableau Soloce Ceo Adam Selipsky。(Geekwire照片/托德主教)

LAS VEGAS — Tableau Software CEO Adam Selipsky introduced “one of the newest members of the Tableau community” to the crowd at the Seattle company’s annual conference here Wednesday morning, inviting a man in a black fedora to join him on stage from the audience.

它是Marc Benioff,Salesforce的合作首席执行官,躲在明显的视线中,因为他在今年夏天的云巨头的收购云巨头的收购时,他观看了Keynote的主题演讲。

“I don’t think, for Salesforce, there are many other companies that are so much like us, that feel like us, that act like us, that have customers who are our customers,” Benioff said, citing the similarities between their business and philanthropic work, and the similar feel between the Tableau conference and the events that Salesforce holds, such as its Dreamforce conference.

Benioff acknowledged that the companies are “very much in the beginning stages” of determining how the combination will play out. “The power of that will come from our customers,” he said.

150亿美元收购Tableau,6月宣布,是Salesforce历史上最大的。公司8月份完成了这笔交易but were unable to begin combining their operations until UK competition authorities清除了上周开始的集成方式

新奇的组合是明显的companies continued to be light on specifics about the ways they will work together under the same umbrella, beyond a discussion of which cartoon character should represent Tableau in the Salesforce graphics. (Selipsky seemed to favor the orca, reflecting Tableau’s roots in the Pacific Northwest.)

Benioff也继续与Tableau Lingo斗争,最初要求观众在纠正自己的“Vizzes”之前询问了“Vizzers”,以说“Vizzes”,这是Tableau技术创建的数据可视化的昵称。


从财务角度来看,Tableau收购对于Salesforce非常重要。8月22日季度报告,Salesforce提高了其当前财政年度的收入指导to a range of $16.75 billion to $16.90 billion, which included approximately $550 million to $600 million of revenue from Tableau, the company said at the time. Salesforce reports earnings in December.

虽然Tableau正在制造其在Salesforce内部的作用,但Tableau还在加强其与亚马逊网络服务的联系,本周宣布与公共云巨头,西雅图邻居的扩展合作伙伴关系。联合倡议被称为现代云分析旨在使用Tableau和AWS Technologies获得更多的公司进行数据存储和分析,有希望降低整体成本。


亚当塞利普斯基highlights the company’s work with the major cloud providers at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

Selipsky highlighted the AWS cloud partnership during the keynote but also promised to work closely with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

此外,在主题演讲中,该公司展示了将人工智能和机器学习整合到Tableau技术的新举措,包括View Recommendations,自动指导寻找数据和创建visualizations; and解释数据那for understanding underlying trends.

Salesforce和Tableau也共同分享了一个争议。与其他大型技术公司一样,两者都面临内部反对美国移民和海关机构的合同。Tableau员工held a rally last month in Seattle,在他们对高管的回应不满意后,公开。作为回应,公司表示尊重“多元化的思想和开放对话”,并表示“拥有悠久的历史,利用数据积极地互动地解决社会问题”。

两家公司都与这些机构保持了合同,但在最近发表的书中,Trailblazer那Benioff wrote about the role of employee activism in opening his eyes and causing him to take a stand on social issues ranging from gay rights to homelessness.

Tableau employs more than 4,200 people worldwide, about half of them in the Seattle region. Salesforce employs more than 1,000 people in the Seattle region, part of a global employee base of 35,000 people. Benioff, Salesforce co-founder and co-CEO,said when the deal was announced这将有效地制作了公司的第二总部。


Tableau CEO SELIVESKY周三舞台上。(Geekwire照片/托德主教)


Part of this year’s Tableau Conference keynote focused on a program called Tableau Blueprint, an initiative designed to guide companies on best practices for building data-driven culture. Selipsky discussed the importance of diversity with the story of the women “code breakers” of World War II,如Liza Muldy的同名书中突出显示,谁在观众中。


In addition, Tableau announced a new milestone for its Tableau for Students program: more than 1 million students and instructors have activated software licenses through the initiative.

编辑注意:Tableau is hosting GeekWire for a special recording of the GeekWire Podcast on the show floor at the Tableau Conference on Wednesday as part of a sponsorship agreement. GeekWire covered its own editorial expenses related to its independent news coverage of the event.


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