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这么多游戏,这么少的时间。从左下角,顺时针方向:Xbox系列S(白色);Xbox系列x(黑色);任天堂交换机;Playstation 4;xbox一个;任天堂开关Lite。(Thomas Wilde照片)

这是第一个为第九代视频游戏控制台的假日季节,因为PlayStation 5和Xbox系列x(XSX)最近达到了市场,而Nintendo的混合系统交换机是还是一个热门的卖家。PS5和XSX可能是今年的两个最想要的礼物,为来自孩子们的每个人都有两种讨厌的成年人。

但是,这假设您可以找到它们。PS5和XSX目前都在每个主要零售商的供应不足,新的出货量几乎比可以销售更快地销售。这对前几个月的新游戏控制台相当典型,但在2020年,它已经存在exacerbated by scalpers, some of whom are running botnets in order to buy up all of the available consoles as quickly as possible. You能够get a PS5 or XSX fairly easily right now — as long as you don’t mind paying vastly inflated prices on auction sites.

It arguably isn’t worth the hassle. In the last couple of generations, the first year of release has traditionally been the roughest for any new console, as both manufacturers and game developers work the unexpected bugs out of the hardware. That can mean a console purchased during its launch window might suffer from defects, design flaws, or sudden failures. Traditionally, disc drives have been especially prone to issues, although that’s not as big a problem now as it was in earlier gaming consoles.

It’s also going to be a while before each library of games catches up to the new tech’s potential. As a result, most of the go-to launch titles for both the PS5 and XSX, such asSpider-Man: Miles Morales刺客的信条:valhalla,也可以在上一代系统上播放。PS5 / XSX,它们看起来可能会更好,并且可能在额外的额外功能通过留下来,不会错过非常实际的游戏。

因此,如果您希望严格购买新的下一代控制台,您最好的镜头就是等到明年。让假期炒作灭亡,等待着看推出的硬件如何随着时间的推移而持有,并利用现在可以在几乎所有数字店面找到的假日闪光销售的丰富闪存销售。它也不是拿起PlayStation 4 Pro或Xbox One X的糟糕时间;作为特定控制台生成硬件的最佳时间之一是正确的,因为商店清除了他们的库存。



Many big third-party games like刺客的信条:valhalla将来到每个控制台,最终会有它们。(Ubisoft映像)

The good news for newcomers is that there isn’t a “wrong” choice.许多最好的现代视频游戏都是被称为“系统不可知论”的意思,这意味着它们尽可能多的平台释放,无论是同时还是逐渐随着时间的推移。例如,ubisoft的维京冒险游戏刺客的信条:valhalla(above) is a big launch title for both the PS5 and XSX, it’s also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.


If you’re looking for a portable gaming system, something to bust out at parties, or you’ve played and enjoyed Nintendo’s various series like马里奥塞尔达,拿起开关。您将希望为多人游戏获得几个额外的控制器,并且Pro GamePad可能会有所帮助,对更长的会话有所帮助。拿起MicroSD卡来扩展单位的存储也不会受伤。如果您将在便携式模式下播放开关,则屏幕保护器非常有用,令人惊讶地廉价。一个廉价的月度交换机在线订阅也让您访问云存储,并从'80年代和'90年代的任天堂命中大小写。

If you’re on a budget this holiday season,注册Microsoft所有访问,可以获得Xbox系列X和每月费用的游戏传递订阅。您将获得几十个游戏以获得低前台的成本,它们看起来很棒,系统易于设置。即使是廉价的额外控制器和可充电电池组也可以在廉价的情况下购买,因为商店清算了Xbox一个库存,因为Xbox一个齿轮可以与X系列一起使用。但是,特别是随着Playstation 5继续成熟,害怕失踪(FOMO)将是Xbox所有者的问题。

The PlayStation 5 is the boutique option for the time being.It’s got a proven track record of success and a promising lineup of games. You can’t help but pay markedly more for it than you do for the competition, however, and its entire library is somewhat more pitched towards an adult audience. It’sgotkids’ games, sure, but the two best games overall for the PlayStation platform in 2020 are a violent samurai game (Ghost of Tsushima) 和ultra-violent post-apocalypse revenge drama (美国最后一个第二部分)。简而言之,PS5是您为自己购买的圣诞礼物。


Playstation 5.


PlayStation 4是前一代的游戏机的大奖赛,它没有关闭。索尼在这个假日赛季与大蒸汽头,一个巨大的图书馆屡获殊荣的独家游戏, 和traditionally, a habit of making terrible mistakes when it’s this far out in front of the pack.

索尼的PlayStation 5分为两种型号,两者都是持续的PS4的大型技术跳跃。数字版($ 399)没有光盘驱动器,而标准型号(499美元)有一个用于物理介质的Ultra HD蓝光驱动器。他们在董事会上否则相同。如果你有几个PS4游戏躺在那里,几乎所有人都(只有关于狗万平台九例例外, as of this week, since影子复合体已修补)在PS5上也完全播放。该单元的任何一个版本都在垂直模式下高16英寸,这对于控制台来说是巨大的,看起来像Cyber​​Punk小说中的东西。

此时的PlayStation平台在视频游戏世界中占据了几个重要的利基,例如在日本视频游戏场景中的位置。Xbox在日本的奇尚不受欢迎,与其他控制台相比,交换机相对较为动推,这使得PS4 / 5作为第一个,有时只有日本出来的许多游戏的呼叫。最值得注意的是,这包括最新的街头霸王,as well as a ton of quirky RPGs and platformers. Expect Sony to continue to leverage that, going forward. It’s already announced that the next最终的幻想,第十六场核心游戏在特许经营,将是一个Playstation 5独家。虽然日本不是在80年代和90年代的发展中占据游戏发展的力量,但许多最具国际流行的现代游戏系列都有日本根源。

Playstation还有一个令人印象深刻的独家游戏阵容,其中一些被认为是这一代的最佳游戏。虽然这可能会改变,如地平线:零黎明去年夏天通过Steam出版,大多数索尼的第一派游戏传统上仍然永久锁定在PlayStation平台上。除非索尼大大转移其对问题的立场,否则这不是不可能的,但似乎不太可能,期望在未来十年中有一些最佳和最讨论的游戏,否则只会在PlayStation 5上播放。狗万平台

Early reports do indicate that the PlayStation 5 appears to have a couple of significant technical problems. There are stories going around that it has issues with overheating, possibly owing to one of its memory modulesnot being in contact with the unit’s heatsink.其他用户报告称,它喜欢以看似随机的间隔才能进入休息模式,即使在游戏中也是如此。索尼的硬件在过去几代内部并不是特别不可靠,但它仍然可以越来越待,看看在购买PS5之前会发生什么。

请注意,PlayStation不支持云存储访问,而无需订阅其每月PlayStation Plus服务。但是,它确实让您在本地备份您的文件,最少的麻烦。如果您在系统上有一些重要的保存,例如一个大MINECRAFT.世界或近乎完全贯穿巫师三世,值得做出例行备份。任何您已经撒谎的廉价USB闪存驱动器都会做诀窍。


  • 来自Sony Studios的伟大的第一派游戏,就像Tsushima的幽灵,我们最后第2部分, 和Marvel的蜘蛛侠
  • PS5控制器是向前迈出的一大阶跃,具有齐全的选项,如可变电阻控制器和内置麦克风。
  • 标准和全数字版本运行相同的硬件,因此没有更便宜的单元进行性能降级。
  • 如果你喜欢来自日本工作室的大型游戏,许多人将首先来到PS5,如果有的话,稍后会到其他系统。
  • 您每月获得三个免费游戏作为PlayStation Plus订户,以及云保存访问。
  • PS5在具有新的定制声音引擎的情况下更强调音频而不是XSX。


  • 昂贵,无需所有访问都可以进行定价选项。
  • Looks like an art-deco air filter.
  • 巨大的。在许多家庭娱乐设置中,很难找到它的家。
  • 用户已经找到了第一个单位的设计问题。它可能值得等待第二种生产运行。
  • 在Playstation上有很多孩子的游戏,但它的最佳游戏绝对不是孩子友好的。



最新的Xbox是在视频游戏控制台上的一个不寻常的旋转。It can be relatively inexpensive if you opt to purchase it via monthly payments with Microsoft’s installment-based All Access plan. That comes with the Xbox Game Pass, which gives you a broad assortment of around 100 new and recent games for a cheap monthly subscription. If you go this route, it’s a bit more like paying for cable TV than buying a gaming system.

权衡是你并没有真正在平台上获得任何独家游戏,至少不是传统意义。微软在Xbox Game Studios部门内拥有一个坚实的第一党工作室网络,并已成为buying up independent software developers最近疯狂,而且还保持了一项名为Play的倡议,其中大多数它发布的游戏也将同时在其他地方可用。如果不可能,几乎每个Xbox一个“独占”也可以在运行Windows 10的PC上购买并播放。

While the Xbox Series X has more horsepower for less money than any gaming PC currently on the market (which is also true of the PS5, but probably not for too much longer), you also won’t necessarily need one to play Microsoft’s current and upcoming games. EvenHalo Infinite,系统的旗舰标题,已经在Steam上有商店页面。微软在地平线上有一些有趣的Xbox游戏工作室,就像everwild勇敢,但这些是最重要的。

Some of the options among the Xbox Game Pass’ monthly lineup from early November 2020, as shown on the Xbox Series S. (Thomas Wilde Photo)

因此,拥有Xbox的主要原因是因为它是访问Xbox系列服务的一种简单方法。它也是用户友好且相对便宜的。它是唯一一个提供免费云保存的主要控制台,没有付费订阅,并提供广泛的辅助功能选项via Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller。The console emphasizes backwards compatibility for both games and Xbox One hardware. It won’t break the bank and it’s deliberately easy for anyone to play, but the modern Xbox is operating on a different set of values than its competition.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox treats online access a bit differently than other consoles. Simply registering a user profile on your system and logging onto the Internet with it means you have Xbox Live Silver, which gives you access to the Xbox’s social networking tools, online storefront, and a handful of other perks. If you actually pay to subscribe to Xbox Live, it upgrades you to Gold membership, which lets you play games online, gives you a few free games every month, and gives you access to occasional flash sales. This is a separate subscription to the Xbox Game Pass, although Microsoft also offers what it calls the Game Pass Ultimate that bundles the two service packages together.

最新的Xbox有两种型号。The Series X ($499) is a dense black brick with high-end specs, a one-terabyte hard drive (which in practice means it’s only about 800GB), the ability to display compatible games at 4K resolution, and a disc drive for playing physical media, including Blu-Ray. (That drive is apparently the weakest part of the unit overall, with many day-one buyers already reporting that它们是嘈杂的或非功能但至少是它在那里。)更便宜,全数字系列S($ 299)在1080p时出来,在电路板上略低略低,运动相对小的512GB硬盘,并没有椎间盘驱动器。

Series S有几件事,如它的小尺寸,易用性和更低的价格点,但较小的硬盘意味着您对整体体验造成了大量的击中。在现代游戏的当前文件大小时,您将不断重新组织Series S的存储空间。如果您认为,您的Xbox将在未来几年内恢复繁重,则值得额外的资金来试图在您的起居室中获得X系列。


  • 通过所有访问都承受。
  • Easy to set up. If you’ve got an Xbox One and a mobile device, the Series X/S does everything for you.
  • 如果只不过,请在图形上边缘PS5。
  • Xbox游戏通行证为您的娱乐美元提供了很多价值。
  • 就个人而言,我发现“Gamerscore”是比Playstation的奖杯更令人满意的成就系统。
  • 兼容到目前为止我尝试过的所有Xbox一个外围设备和游戏。
  • Xbox Live Gold每月有三个免费游戏。
  • 使用Adaptive Controller,Xbox具有一组稳定的工具,以满足任何人的特定需求。


  • 缺乏独家游戏。
  • 其大部分娱乐价值来自游戏通过和/或Xbox Live。
  • 这是唯一没有标准的主要系统,在其标准控制器中具有可充电电池。
  • The Series X can put out a lot of heat.
  • XSX的额外存储驱动器使用专有型号,并且非常昂贵。


(Nintendo Photo)

Nintendo’s newest system, the hybrid desktop/portable Switch ($299), just celebrated its fourth anniversary. While it’s always been less powerful than its competition, with a hard ceiling of 1080p resolution and 60 FPS on compatible games, the Switch is flexible, inexpensive, easy to travel with, has developed into a major platform for retro and indie titles, and has a broad assortment of games for every age group and taste. It was hard to find earlier this year, both due to increased demand and COVID-related supply disruptions, but most of those have been ironed out by this point.

传统上,拥有任天堂控制台的最令人信服的原因是播放任天堂的独家游戏阵容,如The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing,特别是超级粉碎兄弟它需要任天堂一段时间,但是这进入交换机的运行,其大部分Testpole特许经营者已经进入了系统。(这撰写本文时才剩下抵押品陨铁一下) The result is a strong lineup of first-party hits.动物横穿:新的视野in particular has done big business this year, as it’s an escapist, non-violent game that charges you with building your perfect island hideaway. It’s kept a lot of people sane during quarantine life.

上面有码头的标准开关;开关Lite,其是下面的便携式系统。(Thomas Wilde照片)

A standard Switch can be hooked up to a television like any other video game console, using the included HDMI cable. By default, the Switch unit in its tabletop mode is “docked” into a charging station and adapter, and you can pull the bulk of the unit out of the dock and hook controllers up to it for portable play. While a full charge didn’t last long on launch-edition Switches in portable mode, a new version introduced in 2019, the “Switch v2,” has significantly better battery life. Games also perform measurably worse in portable mode than they do while docked, but that only really matters for a handful of third-party games.

玩家还可以选择购买Switch Lite($ 199),去年推出的不同型号,只有便携式功能,根本不能挂钩电视。买家谨防:新手很容易走进商店购买交换机作为礼物,并最终得到一个蹩脚。Lite仍然是独奏游戏的一个伟大的系统,特别是在长车或飞机上骑行,但如果您想和其他人一起在本地玩游戏,你最好用标准开关。


Switch cartridges are also famously coated in a non-toxic bitter substance called denatonium benzoate, so any little kids who put a Switch game in their mouth will immediately spit them out. In the interests of journalism, I have tasted a Switch game and can report it’s deeply unpleasant.



物理副本Mario Kart 8豪华对于任天堂交换机,有四分之一的比较。(Thomas Wilde照片)

另一个潜在问题是开关粉丝的呼唤“JoyCon drift“它的标准控制器有时快速磨损,这可能导致控制杆发生故障。如果你的一个开关的拇指镜总是似乎在随机方向上拉,即使没有人触摸它,你也可能有一个漂移问题。如果您通过其网站联系,任天堂将为您修复这些控制器。或者,您可以购买新的游戏手柄并避免完全使用Joycons。任天堂如果昂贵的替代方案称为Pro(59.99美元),那么值得挑选,但您也可以探索更便宜的选择companies like PowerA, Hori, and PDP. Fortunately, these days,第三方控制器通常是体面的



  • 你只能扮演最大的Nintendo游戏,如马里奥塞尔达在开关上。
  • 一部分便携式和桌面视频游戏系统。
  • 便宜。
  • Lots of great party and multiplayer games. My Switch saw a lot of use at social events, back when those were a thing.
  • 在线交换机比其他游戏机的订阅服务更便宜,并且来自NES和SNES的旧任天堂的大型流媒体库。


  • “Joycon漂移。”
  • The base amount of storage in a Switch doesn’t go very far.
  • 物理游戏非常容易失败。
  • 没有在线交换机的云存储。
  • Because the Switch is lower-powered than other consoles, it often loses out on new third-party releases, and the ones that do appear look and perform measurably worse.


在您为礼物提供新控制台之前,请务必下载并更新一些游戏。(xbox一个x ui)


On the PS5 or XSX, this is a much faster process than it was in previous generations due to this generation’s adoption of next-generation hard drives. Both systems run much faster and more smoothly than the PS4 or Xbox One, so a process of patches and updates that could’ve taken hours last year is down to minutes on current hardware. The Switch takes about as much time for an initial setup process as an average new tablet computer.

甚至so, setting up a new system is a fairly elaborate process that can take a little while. If you’re planning to give a console as a gift, it’s worth taking the time to set it up before you wrap it. You’ll need to hook it up to a TV or monitor — HDMI is now the standard for all consoles — as well as your local network. (The Switch is WiFi-only without an adapter; other modern systems can do either WiFi or ethernet out of the box.) Fill out the menus, answer the questions, let it update itself, make a few player profiles for the members of your household, and then重新包装控制台进行跳转。这样,一旦新的所有者可以打开盒子,新系统就准备好摇滚。


最后,所有三个主要的游戏机都在线播放开箱即用,但需要每月订阅服务 - Xbox Live Gold,交换机或PlayStation Plus - 激活它。虽然您不需要支付以访问某些在线功能,如社交应用程序或数字店面,但如果您计划播放大型在线多人游戏使命召唤。您还可以为各种订阅收到各种其他福利,例如访问闪存销售,额外津贴以及偶尔的免费游戏。所有三个游戏机都避免了他们的方式,以确保其值得每月费用所订阅,但它仍然是为了看待定期使用的系统。


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