1。Entrepreneurs helped educators.

Seattle startup veterans Matt Lerner and Mike Mathieu saw a new problem arise with the shift to remote learning: teachers forced to conduct classes online with just a small laptop. They came up with a solution and launched两个屏幕为老师旨在向教师提供第二个监视器,以帮助他们在大流行中有一点点更容易。



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高中学生AVI Schiffmann的Coronavirus信息网站的着陆页。

1月初,Avi Schiffmann,一名17岁的Mercer Island高中生在西雅图附近,开始构建Coronavirus信息网站ncov2019.live。当时,少于1,000个确诊病例。

As the situation escalated, Schiffmann’s site drew millions of visitors seeking the latest and most accurate data about the pandemic. His initiative and foresight made Schiffmann’s effort one ofGeekWire顶级的故事。11月,Schiffmann为Covid-19自己测试了阳性并称之为“非常可怕”。

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西雅图启动领导人采访了一个Geekwire故事,了解乔治弗洛伊德死亡所例类的潜在的不公平和歧视。狗万平台从左上角,顺时针:女创始人联盟CEO Leslie Feinzaig;Rainway Ceo Andrew Sampson;Dreambox学习首席执行官Jessie Woolley-Wilson;腿部首席执行官杰西卡;莫斯首席执行官莎拉鸟;汇集了CEO MATT OPPENHEIMER。

在乔治·弗洛伊德在5月在明尼阿波利斯的死亡之后,愤怒和抗议活动蔓延和社交媒体,主要科技公司发布了团结的陈述startup founders spoke out about racism投资者宣布致力于彩色企业家的资金



Listen to more:‘Racism is a pandemic,’ and this is how the tech industry can be part of the ‘vaccine’ (Part 1)“它是为了拆除种族主义。”10个步骤技术和商业领袖可以迈向公平(第2部分)。


Puget Sound Region和华盛顿州的科技,商业和体育领袖通过慈善举措,如所有在西雅图,这Covid-19响应基金,和All in Washington帮助各自的社区成员从大流行的健康和经济影响中卷绕。

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos backed a number of the initiatives both individually and through the companies they lead.Paul G. Allen Family Foundation向华盛顿州的医疗保健工人捐赠100万美元食品基金和价值120万美元的个人防护设备。

比尔和梅林达盖茨基金会基金会,位于西雅图,拥有致力于17.5亿美元to the global COVID-19 response including millions to health agencies, funds, and research in the Seattle region.

并且给予继续。上个星期,Bezos承诺在华盛顿所有人的额外支付2500万美元的匹配资金,这已超过7000万美元到目前为止。12月早些时候,Bezos的前妻Mackenzie Scott宣布了她今年的第二个大慈善礼物为384个组织提供超过40亿美元,其中一些是在华盛顿州。


Ventec went from producing 200 of its VOCSN devices per month at the beginning of 2020 to 12,000 by July. (Ventec Photo)

In January at a hospital north of Seattle, a man was treated for what was initially the first known case of coronavirus in the United States,随着机器人的帮助。geekwire的special coverage of the coronavirus outbreaktook off from there, followed by hundreds of articles about not just how COVID-19 was impacting the Pacific Northwest, but also how the innovators in this region are making game-changing contributions.




This spring the scientists and parents running Seattle-basedOceans Initiative今年通过他们的海洋哺乳动物专业知识虚拟海洋生物营那which ran via livestream from March to May. Erin Ashe and Rob Williams expected a half dozen kids to tune in but instead more than 1,000 did each week.



There were no reported incidents of novel coronavirus spread among camp educators or kids, who attended the week-long camps for up to seven hours a day. A reprieve for parents and kids, Pacific Science Center’s success is a resource for other camps and schools.

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7. Inspiring stories of entrepreneurship and “pivots”

Brian Canlis站在大众车上,为夏天的夏天准备餐厅的电影之夜,因为Mark Canlis看起来。(照片由Jana早期通过Canlis)

The word “pivot” was pretty popular this year, to some people’s chagrin. By its business definition — when a company makes a fundamental change — it couldn’t be more spot on. This year demanded change from everyone. A number of entrepreneurs and startups had to make significant changes and their stories offered new insights and possibilities.



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