The PupPod experience, which retails at $199, includes a bobbing toy, a feeder, and the mobile app. The basic premise is that the dog touches the toy, and treats come out of the feeder. The app has five levels that make it harder for the dog to win a treat — ignoring certain sounds, touching the toy immediately after a sound, etc.

On Level 1, the dog has to simply touch the bobbing toy and a treat dispenses. On Level 2, rewards are earned when the toy is touched immediately after a sound plays. Level 3 introduces a new sound that does not dispense a treat — the dog must learn to ignore it until hearing the treat sound.

The experience requires some level of involvement by an owner to help teach the dog how to interact with the toy and feeder. Eventually, the game can be a reliable way to keep the dog occupied while you work or cook dinner. It also tires the pup out, both from walking and the mental stimulation. As they say, a tired dog is a good dog.



木板says its game requires dogs to use their prefrontal cortex, which can increase attention spans and reduce senility in older dogs. It can also create positive associations with certain sounds, such as doorbells or fireworks.


这是Puppod的第二个产品,成立于2014年,由前Microsoft员工成立于2014年Erick EidusKandarp Jani.。该公司的想法起源于一个初创公司周末活动。它的第一个产品零售价为499美元。

新版本在刺激大流行中发起increased pet ownership在已经“booming“预流行。其他数字宠物公司今年正在增长。例如,在线零售商咀嚼,正在以纪录的速度添加客户, and its stock price has doubled since March. Pet care startup Rover, also based in Seattle,has reboundedafter cutting staff earlier this year.


Puppod联合创始人埃里克Eidus(左)和Kandarp Jani。(木盆照片)

There are other high-tech interactive feeder toys, including a dog camera built by fellow Seattle startupFurbo。其他竞争对手包括Petcube,PetchaTz和聪明的宠物。



木板last year提高a $772,000 seed investment round led by Dr. Roger Mugford, a veteran animal psychologist and founder ofThe Company of Animals

The global pet care market is expected to grow from $225 billion in 2019 to $358 billion in 2027, according toFior Markets

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