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Colette Courtion, founder and CEO of Joylux. (Joylux Photo)

Colette Courtion已经扎起来索赔技术创新在很大程度上害怕踩踏:女性的骨盆楼层。


但大约一半的世界人口有them and many would benefit from healthcare attention. So more than six years ago, Courtion launchedJoylux., a Seattle-based startup that sells electronic devices that can help women strengthen their pelvic floor and improve their vaginal health.


She told me, “be prepared to pee your pants every time you sneeze,” Courtion said.

After recovering from her initial surprise and dismay, Courtion wondered if her rejuvenating facial skin-care technology could be applied to the pelvic area to restore health. So she created Joylux, which sells an FDA-approved device called vFit that generates warmth, LED red lights and sonic vibration to stimulate pelvic tissue and increase blood flow.


Roughly45 million U.S. women每年体验更年期症状。

“This is a massive, massive opportunity,” Courtion said.

Courion with her son, Coleman. (Photo courtesy of Courion)

Courtion, who was named aTop 100 Female Founder通过公司。杂志10月,越来越多的说interest in the sector as people are more willing to openly discuss menopause and women’s health issues. She’s working to raise new venture capital, having pulled in $16 million through previous rounds.

基因, a Seattle startup with products and services for women experiencing menopause, has raised $5.3 million.Pulse, another Seattle startup with a menopause focus, sells a motion-sensor lubricant warmer and dispenser. The company, which has raised nearly $10 million, made itsCES(消费电子表演)在1月份首次亮相.

Rock Health reported in September that just3% of U.S. digital health venture capital dealssince 2011 have focused on women’s health. Meanwhile, PitchBook noted that quarterly funding to female founders justdropped to a three-year low.

Previous to her work at Joylux and JeNu, Courtion created Calidora Skin Clinics, a Northwest chain of medical spas that was acquired. Before moving to the beauty sector, she was a marketing executive for Starbucks, helping run the wildly popular Starbucks Card loyalty program. Courtion began her career in finance at PepsiCo and the Seattle venture capital firm Maveron.


Current location:我在西雅图的马龙那邻居工作和工作

Computer types:I am an avid user of my MacBook

Mobile devices:iPhone, which is always attached to me

Favorite apps, cloud services and software tools:I would be lost without Amazon, which is my most used app. I am turning to music to take me to other places so I spend a lot of time using Spotify. As a team, we stay connected using Microsoft Teams.


描述您的工作区。为什么它为你工作?While the majority of the team is working from home, I’ve continued coming into the office. This allows me to have a focused environment with everything I need at my fingertips. Luckily for me, my office is only a few minutes from home. I don’t need much to make things happen, mainly my computer and phone! I have a few pictures of the team and artwork from my son as decoration.

Your best advice for managing everyday work and life?I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to succeed at both. I remind myself to do the best I can in both places and the rest will fall into place. Everyone is under so much stress from outside circumstances that it’s more important than ever to give extra latitude and a little extra grace to everyone — myself included.

Your preferred social network? How do you use it for business/work?For many of us, our social networks are our only social interactions while stuck at home. I am very active on Facebook and LinkedIn. As a business, we use both channels extensively to reach our customers and I like to have alignment to know what is happening on these channels. I am clearly our customer!

您的收件箱中未答复的电子邮件数量吗?Several hundred at any given time. I receive so many solicitations every day, I can’t open them fast enough. I don’t bother trying to keep up with those.

Colette Courion. (Joylux Photo)

Number of appointments/meetings on your calendar this week?我是筹款,这意味着我有很多会议和约会。本周,我有15个以上的会议计划,最大限度地通过缩放或谷歌。

你如何运行会议?Given how busy we all are, I try to be very concise and efficient with the time. I am transparent and prefer not to spend time on things that don’t impact business in a significant way. That said, in an effort to stay connected we do have team happy hours via Zoom, which are all about fun and personal issues — and no work topics. Those are free-flowing and non-agenda driven.

Everyday work uniform?We tend to be pretty casual. I normally wear jeans and a blouse or sweater and will put on a jacket for a more formal meeting.

How do you make time for family?我是一个单身妈妈,所以为家庭而言对我来说至关重要。我5岁的儿子科尔曼是我生命中的光明,我不能等待我们的时间。他是一个很好的提醒,对什么是重要的,让我保持接地。

Best stress reliever? How do you unplug?Coleman is my best stress reliever. We go for a bike ride, play tennis, ski, draw, read, sing. We love to spend time together.

What are you listening to?My Spotify playlists are bringing it back to the ’70s and ’80s lately. Lots of great memories associated with those songs and they make me happy.

Daily reads? Favorite sites and newsletters?我通过来自Apple News,纽约时报和华尔街日记的手机赶上我的早晨新闻。我花时间在Facebook和Twitter上,也是全国健康简报和更年期平台的Avid Reader。我也从事几个女主角在线,我喜欢和欣赏。

在您的床头柜(或电子阅读器)上预订?“American Dirt” byJeanine Cummins, “Bad Blood” byJohn Carreyrou和塔拉韦斯特罗的“教育”。


Where do you get your best ideas?我觉得晚上最有创意(我通常坐在床上并扫描我的手机)。我的大脑终于清除了这一天的商业思想,让我的创意方面参与。

Whose work style would you want to learn more about or emulate?I was lucky enough to work for Starbucks during the formative years of my career. My former boss,Anne Saunders, pushed me into sales and marketing rather than finance, which is where I started my career.

Anne taught me how to successfully connect on an emotional level with the consumer and how critical that was to any product. Numbers give you one perspective, but human insight and emotion tell a very different and important side of the story. Not only did she make me a better CEO, but she is a wonderful person whom I learned so much from.


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