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Bethesda和ID软件的Doom Eternalwas one of the highest-grossing 2020 releases on the Steam digital storefront. (id Software Image)

阀门软件宣布TH.e top 100 best-performing games of the yearon its digital storefront Steam. While there aren’t many surprises, it further indicates that in the games industry, the concept of a simple end-of-year breakdown is quickly becoming a historical artifact. Many of the “games of the year” for 2020, especially on Steam, weren’t actually new releases.

The way that Valve presents Steam’s top sellers is an interesting counterpoint to many of the other end-of-the-year lists, which have naturally been more focused on what’s come out in the last 12 months. While Valve’s thumb is slightly on the scale here, since its own games likeTeam Fortress 2are perennial high earners on its storefront, the Steam top 100 paints a fuller picture of the overall marketplace than a simple yearly top 10 can.

The latest list shows that in 2020, making money in game publishing isn’t just about finding an audience, particularly on the PC. It’s about keeping it for as long as possible, and the best-earning games on Steam have managed to hold their communities’ attention for years.

As usual, Bellevue, Wash.-based Valve measures a game’s annual performance by its gross overall revenue, rather than just individual unit sales. This includes content packs, expansions, cosmetic purchases, in-app paid currencies, and other assorted income streams. Valve also doesn’t provide hard-and-fast numbers on the subject, preferring to assign games into one of four categories — Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze — based upon their overall financial performance. We know the overall top 12 games of the year, since they earned a Platinum rank, but not exactly how they did relative to one another.

正如已成为常态,只有相对少数的2020份释放是今年的顶级游戏之一。在蒸汽图表上击中铂金的12场比赛中,只有三场 -厄运永恒,秋季人:终极淘汰赛,Cyberpunk 2077 —actually came out in the past 12 months.

Expand that to the top 40 games overall, in Platinum, Gold, and Silver rank, and that only adds another five modern releases:Mount&Blade II:Bannerlord,Baldur的门3,验证恐怖Microsoft Flight Simulator,哈迪斯。在2020年的全部前100名中,每年只有31人在今年蒸汽释放,并且少数人是最近的旧游戏港口,如Hideo Kojima的2019年梦想逻辑冒险Death Stranding.

阀门还达成了加利福尼亚州的巨型出版商电子艺术的贸易,将一些游戏带到9月初的蒸汽,以前仅通过EA的个人网上店面销售。结果是,今年的一些Steam的最佳比赛是一些EA最近最近的收入者的港口,就像SIMS 4.和头部到头英雄射手顶点传奇

The rest of the top 100 are an assortment of “games as a service,” which put out new content for their players year-round, i.e. Microsoft’sSea of Thieves; titles with recent major expansions, like the free-to-play dungeon crawlerPath of Exile; and a handful of perennial best-sellers, such as侠盗猎车手V,巫师三世:狂野的狩猎,和TH.e action-adventure sandboxTerraria,公布其第四和最后一个重大更新吗n May.

Defense of the Ancients 2那Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), was one of the best-earning games on Steam in 2020, as well as a popular esport. (DOTA 2 Image)

The highest-grossing games on this year’s Steam top 100 are, in the order Valve presented them:

  • dota 2,阀门自己的多人战斗竞技场
  • 厄运永恒,ID软件经典系列射手的最新分期付款
  • 秋季人:终极淘汰赛,a streamer-friendly competitive game where players try to be the last one to fall off a cartoonish obstacle course
  • 侠盗猎车手V,TH.e #2 best-selling game of all time, further buoyed by its multiplayer sandboxGTA Online
  • 怪物猎人世界,Capcom畅销幻想救生系列的最新和最受欢迎的条目
  • Red Dead Redemption II,在去年年底前往Steam
  • Rainbow Six: Siege那which successfully blends its series’s pseudo-realistic action with the “hero shooter” mechanics of something likeOverwatch
  • Counter-Strike,阀门看似永恒的头部射击
  • 球员官员的战场,原来的“战斗royale”经验
  • 我们之间,这些年sudden viral success story
  • Destiny 2,riding the release of its latest expansion,Beyond Light
  • Cyberpunk 2077那CD Projekt Red’s science fiction RPG

2020年,其他一些其他太平洋西北高中蒸汽上的高薪包括343个行业光环: The Master Chief Collection,a compilation of the first four光环2019年底举行了迟来的蒸汽首次亮相的游戏;接地,a Xbox Game Studios-published survival/adventure about kids who’ve been shrunk to microscopic size; ConcernedApe’s indie farming hitStardew Valley,which pushed out星期一的主要内容更新它的1.5补丁;Marvel’s Avengers,在贝尔维尤开发,洗涤。,通过水晶动力学,为播放器收取重建着名的超级英雄团队;和Valve’s own半衰期:Alyx最近在工业奖上清理为虚拟现实“杀手应用程序”。

2020 was a good year for Steam, as life under the COVID-19 pandemic left a lot of people without much else to do besides play more video games. The servicebroke its own recordfor concurrent player count three separate times over the course of the year, topping out at12月12日同时使用2470万以下。这被认为是与12月10日推出的Cyberpunk 2077那one of the most anticipated games of the year, and这实际上很好地运行on higher-end PCs.

蒸汽庆祝它17TH.九月周年纪念日。最初成立为专门的客户,以使阀门开发的游戏的玩家更容易Half-Lifeto find and install software patches, Valve slowly evolved it into one of the first all-digital storefronts for PC games. Despite recent competition from Epic, Discord, GOG, and others, purchases on Steam are still estimated to account for a significant portion of PC game sales worldwide, with some analysts attributing as much as 18% of the overall market to Steam.

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