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A最新发布的金县研究报告,completed earlier this year, sheds light on broadband access as workers, parents, and teachers plan for a fall that will rely heavily on home internet due to the pandemic. The report finds that 80% of King County residents have adequate internet service, and the remaining 20% are “underserved,” defined as a community without broadband service or with internet that is too underutilized, expensive, or slow to adequately serve residents.


“Digital equity is a very big deal for urban and rural communities, in particular, and the fact of the matter is, with broadband, tech is embedded in our society,” said Tanya Hannah, the King County chief information officer. “To participate in the digital economy you need access, you need skills, and that’s highly important.”

King County估计,在没有可靠互联网服务的家庭中安装光纤将花费1.2亿美元。一旦基础设施建成,运营成本将相对较低。据报道,如果有线电视公司要扩张到该县750个服务不足的地点,将花费大约340万美元。固定无线基础设施“的资本成本低于光纤,但持续运营成本极高。”

基于这些原因,该报告的作者认为,随着时间的推移,纤维将是最好的投资。King County建议公私合作,将宽带扩展到服务不足的地区。


Low-income communities are the most likely to lack adequate internet access in King County, particularly in South Seattle and surrounding communities. The district encompassing the southeastern portion of King County includes much of the underserved areas. Residents of the county可以查他们的地区有关internet服务及其选项的详细信息。



The King County Council has earmarked $1.5 million to improve digital equity, through grants for devices, internet infrastructure, and technical training. K-12 schools will receive $1 million and $500,000 will go to seniors, immigrants, low-income families, and people who are newly unemployed.

King County正在评估这项研究的建议,并计划在2020年底推出一项更详细的计划,以解决数字公平问题。西雅图市议会星期二通过了一项决议,要求该市的IT部门制定一项计划,在2016年9月之前扩大数字股本。

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