Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner at Microsoft. (Women in Cloud Photo)

WhenGavriella Schuster早在1991年进入科技行业,36%的计算劳动力是由女性组成的。2019年,这一数字降至27%。


Schuster was a featured speaker Thursday at an annual峰会hosted byWomen in Cloud, a Seattle-area economic development initiative that aims to help boost the number of women leaders in the tech industry.

Schuster, a 25-year Microsoft veteran who leads the company’s global Microsoft One Commercial Partner Team, pointed to three trends that could worsen the tech industry’s gender gap.




  • Connect: “This is about creating access, connecting deeply into your network, giving women access to you and to each other through your connections. Being a part of the Women in Cloud community is a great start. But ask yourself, are you making the most out of these connections? Could you bring more into the community? The answer is yes, you can always do more. And we need to do more.”
  • Outreach: “This is about adjusting your recruiting practices, your hiring practices, your supplier selection practices. When you have an open job, do you screen out candidates, or do you screen in candidates for diversity? In my own organization, I required my team to look beyond hiring for expediency and hiring the people that they knew. I required them to have a diverse candidate pool that incorporated people from outside of the company, The gender diversity in my team changed dramatically.”
  • 导师:“我不是今天的我没有男人y men and women throughout my career who have mentored me, who have helped me learn from their successes, learn from their failures, helped me avoid those tripwires and unwritten rules of business, and lifted me up when my confidence waned. When you mentor, you blaze a trail for others to follow.”
  • Empower:“授权就是要包容,要提拔女性,赞助狗万平台女性,让女性加入董事会。研究表明,具有不同代表性的领导团队的盈利能力提高19%;他们的客户满意度更高;员工敬业度更高。所以这不仅仅对社会有益。这对生意有好处。赋予人们权力比你想象的要容易。是关于,包括他们在内的讨论。就是要看到他们,听到他们,让他们看得见,让他们看得见。”

Women in Cloud has a network of more than 20,000 people and aims to create $1 billion in economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030. It also runs加速器与微软合作。峰会有200多名发言人参加,会议将持续到周六。

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