An artist’s conception shows BlackSky’s Global satellites in orbit. (BlackSky Illustration)

Blacksky Holdings.,它正在运营地球观测卫星的越来越多的舰队以及基于云的平台来分析地理空间数据,表示将通过近15亿美元的空白支票合并成为公开交易公司。

协议Osprey Technology采集公司将导致黑人在纽约证券交易所上市的纽约证券交易所上市。7月份符号“BKSY”。

It’s the latest chapter for a company that traces its roots to Seattle — and still has roughly half of its 135-employee workforce here. The other half of the operation is based in Herndon, Va.

合并可以生产多达4.5亿美元的合并公司的净额,这将用于扩展Blacksky的公司Spectra data analytics platform, expand BlackSky’s Global satellite constellation, add to the company’s array of data feeds and boost its marketing efforts.

黑尔斯基says its pipeline of business opportunities has grown by $1.1 billion in the past 12 months and stands at $1.7 billion today. Many of those opportunities involve contracts with government agencies in the U.S. and around the world.

“这笔交易充分资助了我们的增长计划,并加快了我们为客户提供了”先知“优势的愿景,”Blacksky Ceo Brian O'Toole今天说news release announcing the deal。“这是我们行业的重要拐点,因为商业和政府用户需要获得关于对他们最重要的改变的实时信息。”狗万平台

Until a year ago, BlackSky was considered one of two subsidiaries of Seattle-based Spaceflight Industries. The other subsidiary,空间flight Inc., concentrated on launch logistics for small satellites.

Then Spaceflight Inc. was由日本的三井&Co。,与Yamasa Co. Ltd. Spapeflight Inc.合作.Spapeflight Inc.与西雅图的总部独立运营,而Blacksky继承过太空行业的其他资产。

Black Sky currently has five satellites in low Earth orbit, gathering real-time multispectral observations that feed into the Spectra geospatial data platform. Nine more satellites are due to be added to the Global constellation this year.


In 2019, the National Reconnaissance Office授予Blacksky的学习合同as well as Maxar Technologies and Planet to assess the use of commercial space imagery for intelligence purposes. And last July, the U.S. Air Force gave BlackSky a contract to use its Spectra platform to监测冠状病毒大流行的影响在military facilities worldwide.


与Osprey的合并是利用空白支票公司的趋势的一部分 - 也称为专用收购公司,或Spacs - 加快将私人持有公司转变为公开交易公司的过程。与空间相关的SPAC交易的其他例子包括原始银河系统阿斯塔

鱼鹰持有约3.18亿美元的狗万平台信任,和another $180 million for the deal will come from an arrangement for private investment in public equity, or PIPE. Among the participating investors are Tiger Global Management, Mithril Capital (co-founded by Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan), Hedosophia and Senator Investment Group. (Hedosophia also played a role in the Virgin Galactic SPAC deal.)

“我们很高兴与Blacksky合作,这是一个在一个大而令人兴奋的新市场中的第一个搬家,”Jana Partners Llc的合伙人David Didomenico说,他也是淘申首席执行官。“新的太空经济正在起飞,我们认为Blacksky的低成本形象捕获和点播分析将彻底改变公司和政府检测和跟踪变革的方式。”

据此,以10美元的价格为10美元,该公司将拥有14.77亿美元的股权价值14.77亿美元,据documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission

The deal has been approved by the boards of BlackSky and Osprey but is still subject to customary closing conditions, including the approval of Osprey’s shareholders.

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