Starship on the moon
An artist’s conception shows SpaceX’s Starship rocket ship on the moon. (SpaceX Illustration)

今天的联邦法官拒绝了蓝色的挑战$2.9 billion contract that NASA awarded to SpaceX用于建造注定要将宇航员带到月球的农历。

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ space venture had argued that NASA gave overly wide leeway to SpaceX in advance of the contract award in April — but Judge Richard Hertling of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims rejected Blue Origin’s arguments. His opinion was sealed, pending a Nov. 18 conference to discuss which details needed to be redacted for competitive reasons.(更新:编辑意见于11月18日发布。查看本报告末尾的更新以获取详细信息。)

In a statement, NASA said that it would resume work with SpaceX under the terms of the contract “as soon as possible.”

Bezos发了推文that today’s ruling was “not the decision we wanted, but we respect the court’s judgment, and wish full success for NASA and SpaceX on the contract.”

Blue Origin在另一份声明中说,其诉讼提出了“人类着陆系统采购过程的重要安全问题,仍然必须解决”。这似乎是对公司指控NASA放弃了SpaceX的一些要求for flight readiness reviews.

Blue Origin说:“通过NASA的公私合作伙伴模式将宇航员安全地返回月球,需要一个不受约束的采购流程与声音政策一起结合冗余系统并促进竞争。”

We’ve reached out to SpaceX as well, and wlll update this story with anything we hear back. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk回应了Twitter上的裁决的消息有一位德雷德(Dredd Meme)法官阅读“您已经被审判了!”

该裁决意味着SpaceX可以恢复其工作,以适应其庞大的星际飞船航天器,以用作将宇航员送往月球表面的着陆系统,早在2024年就可以将宇航员送到月球表面 - 尽管该日期几乎可以肯定会滑倒。

Throughout the legal challenge, SpaceX has been building Starship prototypes and testing the craft’s methane-fueled Raptor engines at its Boca Chica Starbase facility in South Texas. The company envisions using Starship not only for moon missions, but for trips to and from Earth orbit, and eventually Mars.

Today NASA noted that it will support multiple commercial efforts to develop lunar landing systems as a follow-up on Starship’s moon landing. Blue Origin and two of its industry partners — Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman — are已经做出了这些努力

NASA承诺:“公司将有机会与NASA合作,在该机构的Artemis计划下在月球上建立人类的长期存在,包括2022年在美国行业呼吁美国经常出现的船员Lunar Landing Services。”

Blue Origin表示,它仍然“深深地致力于Artemis计划的成功”,并指出,它“与NASA的多项合同具有广泛的活动基础,以实现美国重返月球的目标。”

“我们are fully engaged with NASA to mature sustainable lander designs, conduct a wide variety of technology risk reductions, and provide Commercial Lunar Payload Services,” Blue Origin said. “We are also under contract with NASA to develop in-situ resource utilization technology, lunar space robotics, and lunar landing sensor collaboration including在新Shepard上进行测试。”

The company said it would “look forward to hearing from NASA on next steps” in the process to procure human landing systems.


蓝色claimed that it would have worked with NASA to submit an alternative proposal, “but the court finds its hypothetical proposal to be speculative and unsupported by the record,” Hertling wrote.



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