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Pipe17首席执行官Mo Afshar。(管道17照片)

新资金:西雅图初创公司管17.announced an $8 million seed funding round for its platform that helps online retailers tie together various e-commerce software systems related to inventory, order flow, fulfillment, and more. GLP Capital Partners led the round.

Pipe17技术:25人公司提供了将数据带到一起的结缔组织,并提供了电子商务操作的实时鸟瞰图。公司使用Pipp17将QuickBooks Commerce软件连接到履行频道。该想法是通过分散的电子表格替换手动数据收集。“Pipe17的观点是首先解决数据连接问题,以使商家能够简化他们的运营,”首席执行官说Mo Afshar

大流行影响:More people are shopping online than ever as the pandemic accelerates e-commerce activity. The trend is a tailwind for companies such as Pipe17. There are similar e-commerce logistics startups such as fellow Seattle company Fabric, whichraised$43 million earlier this month. Another Seattle e-commerce logistics startup, Ideoclick,还从GLP提出了现金。Ideoclick周四有自己的新闻,扩大platform

Founder pedigree:2019年AFShar共同创立的Pipe17。他以前是由Seatte Company的口语通讯首席执行官,该公司使用语音识别技术自动化呼叫中心的流程。它是由Avaya于2018年获得的。管道17联合创始人Dave Shaffer以前在Oracle和Workato工作过。

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