这些建议主要关注种族和股票issues, as well as antitrust and responsible use of Amazon’s technology, such as its facial recognition technology and Ring doorbell camera.

该公司的年度股东大会通常在西雅图举行,但是hosted online this year因为大流行。投票结果是张贴周五在亚马逊公司网站上。




The exception was a proposal that would have required an independent board chairman who is not — nor has ever been — the company’s CEO. Shareholders torpedoed that proposition by a margin of roughly six to one, signaling they want Bezos to continue to have a role in the company.

Notably, a proposal to audit the company’s impact on civil rights, equity and diversity issues was more narrowly defeated. The measure called on Amazon to commission an independent report examining, among other issues, allegations that surveillance footage from Amazon’s Ring doorbell cameras and related Neighbors app have been used to “disproportionately tag people of color as suspicious.”




A proposal to put an hourly logistics worker on Amazon’s board also failed, as did a proposal to audit the environmental impacts of the retail giant’s packaging, particularly as it relates to plastics accumulating in the world’s oceans.

The proposal to put an hourly worker on the board was presented during the meeting on behalf of Oxfam America by Jennifer Bates, an Amazon hourly worker who was加入工会的努力失败的一部分该公司位于阿拉巴马州贝塞默的履行中心。

This is not the first time similar measures have been proposed and failed at Amazon’s shareholders meeting.

This year, however, Amazon is facing a string of lawsuits, five of which were filed last month, brought by corporate employees alleging gender and racial discrimination.



  • A shareholder proposal requesting a report on customer due diligence:126,093,181,231,103,314反对
  • 要求强制独立董事会主席政策的股东提案:52,557,765 for, 299,204,942 against
  • A shareholder proposal requesting additional reporting on gender/racial pay:93,415,729,267,093,612反对
  • 请求促进数据报告的股东提案:64,913,836;294,816,522反对
  • 要求提供包装材料报告的股东提案:127,811,216 for; 231,830,287 against
  • A shareholder proposal requesting a diversity and equity audit report:158,884,190 for; 200,719,903 against
  • A shareholder proposal requesting an alternative director candidate policy:63,114,460 for; 297,945,126 against
  • 股东提案要求提出关于竞争战略和风险的报告:120,544,009 for; 236,846,573 against
  • 要求额外降低召开特别股东大会门槛的股东提案:123,327,426 for; 238,071,476 against
  • 股东提案要求对游说活动进行额外报告:125,796,239 for; 234,754,900 against
  • 股东提案,要求提供关于客户使用某些技术的报告:122,673,640;234,690,392反对
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