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艾伦博伊尔and Dennis Muilenburg
在2018年Geekwire山顶,Geekwire的艾伦博伊尔与Dennis Muilenburg聊天,他当时是波音的首席执行官。(Geekwire照片)

新的Vista收购公司, the blank-check company founded by former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to prime the pump for a future high-tech acquisition, went on the market today with an initial public offering valued at $240 million.

这显着高于originally planned $200 million offering

The IPO comes a little more than a year after波音燃烧Muilenburg.在他的737年最大危机的处理中争议。波音仍在处理2018年底和2019年初的两次灾难性崩溃的金融和声誉后,全世界在全球范围内完成了737年的最大舰队,并在调查到波音实践期间提出的深刻问题。

波音现在是很好的737 Max舰队重返服务在戴夫卡尔霍姆下,莫伦堡的继任者作为波音首席执行官。

在他在波音的时间,莫林堡是一个strong advocate for technologies focusing on advanced air mobility and autonomous flight— the sorts of technologies that could spawn new types of electric-powered, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, or eVTOLs. Such craft are also known as air taxis, personal air vehicles or flying cars. Many of Boeing’s efforts in that market已被搁置due to the financial impacts of the 737 MAX crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.


空白支票公司 - 也被称为专用收购公司,或Spacs - 已成为初创公司公众的热门途径,航空航天行业也不例外。就在本月,一个叫做Astra的加利福尼亚火箭初创公司宣布了21亿美元的合并交易Holicity, a SPAC created by Seattle-area telecom pioneer Craig McCaw. McCaw recently提交论文for another SPAC calledColicity,价值为2.75亿美元。

几个Evtol Ventures - 包括大傻兽,百合和迷人者 - 是据说要考虑SPAC交易

New Vista’s IPO was structured to offer 24 million units at $10 per unit. Each unit consists of one Class A ordinary share, plus one-third of a redeemable warrant to purchase a share at $11.50. The market price for those units was $10.61 at the close of today’s trading.



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