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Why it matters:Amazon has blamed Trump for improperly influencing the U.S. Department of Defense to reaffirm its decision to award the JEDI cloud computing project to its rival Microsoft. The DoD and Microsoft had filed a motion to prevent Amazon from making those allegations. The ruling means Amazon will be able to continue pursuing its argument in court, including potential depositions of Trump and former defense secretary Jim Mattis.

Background:Amazon was seen as a frontrunner for the contract prior toMicrosoft winning the deal in October 2019.Amazon protested that decision,alleging that Trump’s personal animus朝着公司对结果不当影响。国防部审查了该决定after a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction。审查后,国防部重申了9月的决定

In addition to allegations that the procurement process was improperly influenced by the White House, Amazon’s lawsuit claims DoD made a variety of technical errors in evaluating the relative merits of the bids. The Defense Department maintains “Microsoft’s proposal continues to represent the best value to the Government,” according to a September statement.

Amazon statement:“前总统特朗普的影响不当的记录是令人不安的,我们高兴的是法院将审查其对JEDI合同奖的显着影响。AWS仍然是卓越的技术选择,较便宜的选择,并将为国防部和美国纳税人提供最佳价值。我们继续期待法院对国防部评估中许多材料缺陷的审查,我们仍然绝对致力于确保该部门以最优惠的价格获得最佳技术。“- AWS发言人。

Microsoft statement:“这程序性裁决变化小。不是一次, but twice, professional procurement staff at the DoD chose Microsoft after a thorough review. Many other large and sophisticated customers make the same choice every week. We’ve continued for more than a year to do the internal work necessary to move forward on JEDI quickly, and we continue to work with DoD, as we have for more than 40 years, on mission critical initiatives like supporting its rapid shift to remote work and the Army’s IVAS.” — Frank X. Shaw, corporate vice president, Microsoft Communications.

What’s next:彭博noted that the decision throws “the entire project in doubt.” It’s also not yet clear how the situation might change, if at all, under the administration of President Biden.

辩护部于1月28日向国会发了一份备忘录似乎建议冗长的沉积过程会使JEDI项目无法掌管。备忘录是shared with The Washington Postand other publications.

“These motions will be complex and elongate the timeline significantly. The prospect of such a lengthy litigation process might bring the future of the JEDI Cloud procurement into question. Under this scenario, the DoD CIO would reassess the strategy going forward. Whatever the outcome, the Department’s unsolved capability gaps would still remain for enterprise wide, commercial cloud services – at all three classification levels – stretching from the homefront to the tactical edge – at scale.”

Cloud rivals:Microsoft and Amazon compete aggressively in the cloud market and routinely trade barbs. Duringhis keynote last year at the company’s re:Invent conference,亚马逊网络服务首席执行官Andy Jassy - 谁将很快接管,因为亚马逊的首席执行官 - 展示了AWS占云基础设施市场份额45%,而不是双重微软Azure。但微软近年来一直在获得市场份额。“Nadella&Co。继续引领一个转型云故事,缩小2021年的差距和AWS,”德国证券分析师丹艾夫斯在本周的报告中表示Microsoft’s earnings report这是通过Azure收入增长推动的。

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