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微软will increase the share of net revenue for game developers from the Microsoft Store in a challenge to Valve.

从8月1日开始,通过Microsoft Store发布标题的游戏开发人员将获得88%的销售额从70%。

“Having a clear, no-strings-attached revenue share means developers can bring more games to more players and find greater commercial success from doing so,” Microsoft CVP Sarah Bondwrote on LinkedIn

这可以随时被解释为横跨阀门软件蒸汽的镜头,是PC游戏的主要数字店面。销售蒸汽游戏的开发人员获得70%的销售收入below $10 million, with 30% of that going to Steam.

That 70/30 revenue split was once the industry standard, but several of Steam’s competitors, such as Humble,Discord, and史诗般的游戏商店, have used that as a point of attack by offering developers a more favorable deal.

Once it’s adjusted its terms, the Microsoft Store’s 88/12 model will offer a deal to developers that’s on par with Epic. This leaves and Steam as the only major digital storefronts that are still using the 70/30 split, and in theory, will make the Microsoft Store a more attractive option for third-party developers and indies.

只有3,000名游戏行业专业人士投票的3%一个新的调查from the Game Developers Conference were satisfied with the 70/30 model for digital game sales, which is significantly down from 27%去年的调查


其他announcementsfrom Microsoft today include its continued focus on, as it puts it, “building communities around games, not devices.”光环无穷will support full crossplay between its PC and Xbox versions on launch, which is still scheduled for an indeterminate point later this year. If you’re on PC and your buddy’s on Xbox, you’ll still be able to play with or against one another in无穷



同样的社区重点推动了微软最近的第一方发布了Steam,包括Sea of Thievesand微软Flight Simulator,Age of Empires IV计划在今年晚些时候蒸汽释放。

微软has been pursuing an odd, counterintuitive strategy with its gaming division in this generation of hardware. Instead of putting its emphasis on system exclusives, which has been the accepted tactic in the last 20 years’ worth of console wars, Microsoft’s emphasis has instead been on making it easier and cheaper to play games on its platform. So far,it seems to be paying off

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