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2019年6月10日星期一,洛杉矶,玩家在微软剧院的Xbox 2019 E3展示会上试用Project xCloud。(图片由Casey Rodgers/Invision for Xbox/AP Images提供)

Update, 1/23/2021:微软已经updated its original postto indicate that the cost of Xbox Live Gold will not increase after all. This decision, apparently spurred by a substantial consumer backlash (Microsoft was trending most of Friday afternoon on Twitter, and not in the fun way), comes hand in hand with a change coming “as soon as possible” that will allow players to access free-to-play games’ online modes without Xbox Live Gold.

微软在其官方新闻网站上更新了原文,称“我们今天搞砸了,你告诉我们是对的。与朋友联系和玩耍是游戏的重要组成部分,我们未能满足每天都依赖它的玩家的期望。因此,我们决定不改变Xbox Live的黄金定价。”

Original story:Microsoft周五宣布它计划大幅提高每月的成本Xbox Live金牌订阅服务,这是Xbox用户在线玩游戏所必需的。

“Periodically, we assess the value and pricing of our services to reflect changes in regional marketplaces and to continue to invest in the Xbox community,” Microsoft wrote in its announcement. “We’ll be making price adjustments for Xbox Live Gold in select markets. In many markets, the price of Xbox Live Gold has not changed for years and in some markets, it hasn’t changed for over 10 years.” This includes the U.S, where the base price of Xbox Live hasn’t gone up since 2010.

未来,黄金会员的价格计划将升至每月10.99美元、每三个月29.99美元和每六个月59.99美元。(12个月的选择是去年七月悄然停产,although some brick-and-mortar stores may still sell physical gift cards that offer a full year of Gold.) Gold subscribers will still receive the option to download several free games each month, as well as access to a rotating assortment of exclusive flash sales.

对消费者来说,这意味着,获得全年Xbox Live金卡的最便宜方法实际上价格翻了一番,从60美元涨到了120美元。通过比较,类似的订阅服务索尼的PlayStation 4/5以及Nintendo Switchcost $59.99 and $19.99, respectively, for a year’s access.

At time of writing, it’s unclear whether existing 6- or 12-month subscribers to Xbox Live Gold will remain on the previous pricing scheme in perpetuity, or will be charged for the new price the next time their subscriptions renew.

Xbox Live
(通过Xbox Live)

值得注意的是,Xbox仍然是唯一可以免费玩在线游戏的主要游戏机,例如Fortnite, Rocket League,Rec Room,任务召唤:战区,仍然需要付费的Xbox Live Gold订阅,玩家才能访问其多人模式。在任天堂交换机和索尼PlayStation4/5上,这些游戏可以在线玩,而无需订阅索尼或任天堂各自的在线服务。然而,Xbox是这三款游戏机中唯一的一款提供用户数据的免费云备份,PlayStation和Switch都将其视为订阅特惠。

Among industry analysts, Microsoft’s Live price hike is seen as an attempt to incentivize its players to move off of Xbox Live Gold as a standard service, in favor of the $14.99/month Ultimate version of the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft’s recent moves with its Xbox arm have been toward decoupling it from the console market and turning it into a sort of virtual ecosystem, available on PCs, mobile devices, andeven competitors’ platforms. 由于Xbox Live Gold严格面向游戏机玩家(任何服务的PC机用户通常不会为在线游戏支付任何额外费用,除非收取特定的每场游戏订阅费),而且Gold的基本功能已经被整合到Xbox game Pass Ultimate中,涨价对消费者来说是一种软压力,促使他们做出转变。

从理论上讲,这将使微软最终淘汰Xbox Live Gold作为一项独立服务,转而继续其目前对游戏通行证的重视。这一观点的另一个好处是:微软表示,任何目前的黄金会员,只要他们目前的订阅时间还剩几个月,就可以将他们的黄金时间转换成游戏通行证终极版,而无需支付额外费用。

在微软注册了Xbox Live帐户并将其Xbox连接到互联网的玩家,但不支付每月订阅费的玩家,将自动被视为Xbox Live免费银计划的成员。Silver提供了一些特权,比如访问Xbox的社交网络和云服务器,不受这一变化的影响。

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