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Auth0 Ceo Eugenio Pace。(Geekwire文件照片)

Auth0, the billion-dollar Seattle-area startup that is a leader in identity authentication software, isbeing acquired by Okta该公司周三公布了该空间的另一个领导者。全体股票交易约为65亿美元 - 这是一家最大的一家西雅图科技公司的收购之一。

Auth0于2013年共同创立Eugenio Pace,谁以前在Microsoft上运行了模式和实践组Matias Woloski是一名仍然是公司CTO的软件工程师。来自阿根廷的冰雹,Auth0通过一个分布式方法建立了超过850人的团队,工人散落在世界各地。

The startup raised a $120 million round in July at a $1.9 billion valuation, making it一个罕见的西雅图独角兽。在仅仅八个月内,估值从19亿美元到65亿美元的估价令人印象深刻,但不是每个人都认为auth0应该出售这一点。

即使还是,这笔交易是公司的创始人和早期投资者的巨大意外收获,包括太平洋西北公司创始人的合作社和波特兰种子基金。它在西雅图的启动场景中是一个重要的回报 - 2010年西雅图数据存储公司Isilon支付了250亿美元的增长2.25亿美元。


GeekWire heard rumblings about a play for Auth0 a few weeks ago, but we were unable to confirm the news.Forbes, which broke the story today, noted that the deal was slow to close because Auth0 was weighing other options, including an IPO and other possible suitors.

Auth0 will continue operating as an independent business within Okta.

San Francisco-based Okta boasts a market capitalization of $31 billion, with 2,800 employees worldwide. The company’s shares fell more than 13% in after-hours trading.

okta.报告了第四季度收益周三,收入增长40%,至2.347亿美元nd net losses growing to $75.8 million, up from $50.4 million.


Auth0联合创始人Ceo Eugenio Pace,左下方和Matias Woloski,右下方,通过视频聊天与OKTA联合创始人Frederic Kerrest和Ceo Todd McKinnon,右上角的右上角。(okta照片)

Auth0目前在第4号中排名第4Geekwire 200., our index of top Pacific Northwest startups. However, as is customary with an acquisition or IPO, Auth0 will now be moved off the list.

“We think it’s a fantastic validation of their ‘developer-first’ approach to enterprise software, and of Seattle’s startup ecosystem more generally,” Founders’ Co-op Managing Partner Chris DeVore told GeekWire. “We’re thrilled for the founders and have already seen the knock-on effects of the entrepreneurial culture they built as two of our most recent investments (保险丝Zerowall) were both founded by Auth0 alums.”

Salesforce Ventures LED验证12200万美元系列F ROUNT在七月。遵循的资金2019年5月10.3亿美元。Total funding to date for the 8-year-old company is more than $330 million.

其他Auth0投资者包括DTCP,Bessemer Venture Partners,Sapphire Ventures,Meritech Capital,World Innovation Lab,Trinity Ventures,Telstra Ventures和K9企业。早期投资者和第一款职位董事会成员Sunil Nagaraj,在交易时为贝塞姆人工作,写了关于启动的早期几天狗万平台博客帖子祝贺创始团队获得收购。

“你不会在地球上找到另一个人,关心关于了解某人并沟通的东西,而不是验证首席执行官Eugenio Pace,”Nagar狗万平台aj写道。

Auth0联合创始人Matias Woloski,左和尤金速度。(验证照片)



Auth0 processes more than 4.5 billion login transactions per month.

“I’m thrilled by the choice, flexibility, and value we’ll offer customers: Okta and Auth0 address a broad set of identity use cases, and our identity platforms are robust and extensible enough to serve the world’s largest organizations and most innovative developers,” Todd McKinnon, CEO and co-founder of Okta,wrote in a blog post

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