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从左上角,顺时针:anu sharma,马太科风险集团的合作伙伴;本·吉尔伯特,先锋广场实验室联合创始人;Heather Redman,在飞行鱼合作伙伴管理合作伙伴;熔丝风险伙伴的普通合伙人和Kellan Carter。

When the pandemic hit last year, tech startups began铺设员工并支撑撞击。The outlook was bleak,危险和公司的估值担心筹集投资者现金的能力。狗万平台

但到2020年包裹的时候,美国初创公司最终结束了setting all-time highs for total funding raised。去年,VC资金筹集的资本还有记录,以及具有强大的IPO市场的VC支持退出价值的近期记录。


那是一家托管的年度投资展望小组的一个外卖领带西雅图earlier this month featuring four Seattle-area venture capitalists:

Here are quick takeaways from the discussion:

On 2021:


Added Gilbert: “We have an unbelievably fluid economy right now where more people are starting companies than ever and valuations are higher than ever,” he said. “And frankly, there’s more innovation than ever.”

Carter added that the pandemic forced companies take a closer look at what was and wasn’t working within the business — and now many are better for it.



Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, quickly became a popular route to go public for startups超过1250亿美元in merger activity last year. The trend does not appear to be slowing so far in 2021. Seattle-area companies流浪者Nautilus宣布计划本月通过SPAC公开公开。


“It’s just a different way to go public, it’s a different path,” he said of SPACs. “It’s just more money chasing the same number of opportunities, and so that’s going to drive prices up.”


On assessing companies:


Fuse, whichlaunched last year,还喜欢使用公司的产品与客户交谈。“如果您提出早期客户或用户您最好的销售代表,那么您真的在某事上,”卡特说。

瑞德曼和Sharma指出的重要性f entrepreneurs building companies in large markets.

“A good team is able to potentially understand the market and pain points that nobody else does,” Sharma said. “When they are able to do that, they estimate the market size far better than we do. One of the things I often get wrong is how big the market is, and the founders usually prove me wrong.”

On Seattle’s startup ecosystem:

Pioneer Square Labs, Flying Fish, and Fuse are among a flock of newer early-stage firms that have launched in recent years, adding dollars to a Seattle startup ecosystem long-criticized for the lack of capital. All three have a focus on the Pacific Northwest, banking on the region’s tech and entrepreneurial clout.


Asked about the dearth of later-stage funds in the Seattle region, Gilbert said it’s not a big issue as there are only a handful of companies in the area raising that type of capital.

“当时[公司]筹集15美元,30美元,50美元,1 000万美元,它已经在每个人的雷达上,”他说。“作为当地论文投资的当地企业甚至区域论文,甚至是稍后的阶段,没有战略优势,因为有一个俘虏号码。”

However, Gilbert said it would be beneficial for Seattle to have local investors as limited partners in funds that invest at later stages.

Redman noted she wants to see money made by local investors come back into the Seattle ecosystem.


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