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Gemma Labs Ceo Allison Harr。(Gemma Labs照片)

Gemma Labs.正在提高现金,以支持对其宝石定制洗发水服务日益增长的需求。

西雅图创业公司从PSL Ventures和其他投资者的275万美元卷起。

Gemma Labs.spun out of Pioneer Square Labs’ startup studio more than two years ago and raised $3.5 million in April. The company reached $1.5 million in annualized sales last year.

Gemma Labs.uses in-house scientists to concoct special shampoos for individual customers, based on surveys they take that assess individual hair and scalp needs, in addition to seasonal factors.

The company asks customers about their zip code; chemical treatments; thermal styling tool use; and more. Prices per shampoo or conditioner bottle start at $18 for 8 ounces; Gemma Labs also sells a $25 scalp balancing bar.

Gemma Labs将使用新鲜的现金来推出新产品。

(Gemma Labs照片)

The startup is led byAllison Harr.,以前是公司在内的公司营销总监,包括Vestar Capital的Sun产品;联合利华;和美国运通。


PSL Ventures董事总经理Mike Galgon说,Gemma Labs在大流行中的更多人购物中受益。


还有其他具有类似商业模式的初创公司。美的功能raised上个月1.5亿美元;其价格从八盎司的价格为39美元。散文, another New York City-based startup, has also raised venture capital dollars and sells 8-ounce bottles starting at $25.

Seattle is not exactly a hotbed for consumer-focused startups, let alone those selling beauty products. However, it was home to Julep, the once high-flying online cosmetics startup that从两年内收购到破产

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