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Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi recently moved the company’s headquarters to Kirkland. (Tanium Photo)

Tanium co-founder and CEO Orion Hindawi may not be as well known as Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates or other Seattle area billionaires.

After all, it was just a few months ago that Hindawi and his family left the San Francisco Bay Area for Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood,bringing his $9 billion cybersecurity companyto the region along with him.

到目前为止,即使他承认这是一个奇怪的时间,即使他承认了解一个新城市,也似乎在很好地贴合。他尚未遇到过Seattle’s notorious “freeze”- 打电话给它“完成垃圾”。他甚至甚至挑选了一些新的娱乐活动。

“Wake surfing was not in my lexicon before,” said Hindawi.

His affinity for Seattle-style activities aside, Hindawi didn’t hold back at a Washington Technology Industry Association event Thursday when asked about public policy in his new home state.

The underlying message from Hindawi: Washington needs to be careful not to follow the anti-business policies he left in California.

And even though Hindawi said that taxes are not a big driving force for him, the 40-year-old tech executive had plenty to say on the matter. When Madrona Venture Group’s Matt McIlwain asked him what challenges Washington state faces, Hindawi turned to taxes.


That philosophy is not helping the state attract new businesses, he said, at a time when many companies are considering relocation.

“Cause and effect is, if you keep on telling people you’re going to raise taxes, people keep on not coming,” he said.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s呼吁资本收益税is especially damaging to recruitment efforts, he said.

“The Governor needs to understand that every time he says ‘capital gains tax,’ he loses ten companies,” said Hindawi, who co-founded Tanium with his father in Berkeley, Calif. in 2007 and last week raised another $150 million in funding. “When he wakes up and says it into his pillow, five companies don’t move. This is becoming a huge PR issue for Washington state.”

Another big issue: The recently proposed wealth tax.

财富税不会改变后维希望活的地方 - 注意到西雅图的生活质量是他搬迁中的大司机。但他补充说,他在旧金山和正在寻求搬迁的其他地方的同龄人将把它视为“诽谤”。

Washington is one of nine states — along with Texas, Florida and Tennessee — that do not impose a state income tax. Lawmakers, economists and some tech leaders have long called the state’s tax system the most“regressive”in the nation, while others argue the lack of a state income tax serves as an enticement for companies like Tanium.

The wealthiest households in the state pay about 3% of their income in taxes, while the poorest people pay 17.8%. It’s the largest differential in the U.S.

Seattle economist Dick Conway hascalled华盛顿的税制“可耻”,而风险资本家尼克汉勒told GeekWire last monththat the wealthy need to contribute more in taxes, especially at this great time of need.


“We have a tax code that asks low-income people to pay six times more than the wealthiest, in terms of how much tax they’re paying as a share of their income,” said Rep. Noel Frame (D-Seattle), whointroduced house bill 1406上个月。“作为一种考虑自己一个社会和经济领导者的国家,我只是认为这是可以接受的。它完全不合于我们的价值观。“

Hindawi, who could be one a handful of people subject to the tax, said it seems as if Washington state doesn’t want to maintain an attractive tax system that allows Seattle to compete with Austin, Denver and Nashville. And he thinks that’s misguided.

“People can argue that it’s right or it’s wrong, but it’s somewhat irrelevant,” he said. “The question is actually do you want these people moving to your state or not?”


历史上,西雅地癖者对外人的一名高度加利福尼亚人施放了警惕。在20世纪80年代,前西雅图时代专栏作家和全职曲柄Emmett Watson led an antigrowth movementcalled Lesser Seattle to drive outsiders away, writing that “we are alarmed by the whole blinkin` bloody, over-bloated state of California.”

Welcome to Seattle — Now Go Home: California Emigres Meet New Hostility in Idyllic Northwestwas the headline in The Los Angeles Times on August 24, 1989.

目前仍然可以发挥该标题 - 只需用“技术人员”来取代“加利福尼亚杂志”。

沃森passed away in 2001, but his spirit lives on and some could even say is rising.

As newcomers arrived in droves to Seattle over the past decade and the city laid claim tomore construction cranes than any other city in the U.S., tensions mounted. A homelessness crisis got worse. The booming tech economy was blamed, and still is to this day.


The concern: Seattle is becoming San Francisco.

Interestingly, that’s a worry of nearly everyone. Pro-business folks like Hindawi don’t want to operate in an environment where entrepreneurs feel punished and vilified, and those who’ve been left behind by the booming economy feel it’s harder to keep up. Bidding wars occurred in 65% of all home offers in Seattle in December — the fourth highest rate in the nation,根据Redfin

近年来,西雅人更加被动警惕移植物质已经变硬。现在几乎是一个苦涩的蔑视,房屋和运输问题恶化。标志性机构的消失 -Goodbye, Sunset Bowl——只有添加更多的愤怒。中立派政客们这样一个s Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan已经发现它挑战了治理, deciding recently not to seek re-election.

Amid this changing dynamic, the pandemic is dramatically shifting work styles. There’s more fluidity to the labor market, especially among tech workers who can plug in from anywhere, as long as there’s solid broadband.

这种流动性是LED Tanium去年从任何地方转移到工作的政策,以及为什么金维搬到华盛顿州。由于该政策,一半以上的公司500个湾区员工离开了。后三维说它“就像我们打开了监狱门”。

In fact, Hindawi said it’s just the “second inning” of this transformation, and based on his conversations with CEOs many companies are about to move. As he sees it, “the governance in California is terrible,” and the state is doing very little to stop the exodus.

And that’s where Hindawi sees warning signs for Seattle.

“The reality of the situation is that people who are in Washington state have flexibility they did not have a year ago, and that is persistent flexibility,” he said. “I think people need to be fully aware that there are people who call themselves Seattle residents or Washington residents who don’t have to be tomorrow. They are basically nation states in their own right. They can move wherever they want, and it’s trivial.”

You can watch the entire interview with Hindawi above, with his remarks about leaving the San Francisco Bay Area and the relocation to Seattle starting in minute 20.

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