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spacex.’s Falcon 9 rocket rises from its launch pad with 143 satellites on board. (SpaceX via YouTube)

spacex.set a record for the number of satellites sent into orbit by a single rocket, and that’s not the only milestone reached during today’s Transporter-1 mission.

The Falcon 9 rocket launch also marked the orbital debut of Sherpa-FX, a satellite transfer vehicle made and managed by Seattle-basedSpaceFlight Inc.

spacex.had postponed the launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida for a day due to concerns about the potential for lightning. Today’s weather was also “a bit challenging,” launch commentator Andy Tran said, but all systems were go tor today’s liftoff at 10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT).

Minutes after launch, the Falcon’s second stage separated from the first-stage booster as planned. The booster, which had been used for four previous launches, flew itself back over the Atlantic Ocean to land on a drone ship dubbed “Of Course I Still Love You.” Yet another ship, Miss Chief, recovered components of the Falcon 9’s nose cone, or fairing.


总而言之,将143个卫星送入太阳同步,杆极轨道上,猎鹰9 - 包括从Sherpa-FX部署的13个。Spapeflight表示,两个宇宙飞船飞行背驮式船用船用船舶航天器,这是瑞士军队刀的空间硬件。Sherpa本身就像卫星一样。


之间spacecraft packed aboard the Sherpawere three ofHawkeye 360​​的无线电监控卫星,美国宇航局cubesat that will test a water-based propulsion system,并用火化的残骸和被飞行的DNA包装的容器塞莱斯特作为客户亲人的纪念碑。

Spaceflight placed yet another satellite on the Falcon 9 for a separate deployment. That spacecraft, known as iQPS-2 or Izanami, will join what’s expected to become a卫星的星座制作雷达观察of the planet below.

“这项任务是太空飞行的新里程碑,”Ryan Olcott高级使命经理Ryan Olcott说pre-launch blog posting。“不仅是我们的下一代Sherpa的首次亮相飞行,我们在全球大流行期间管理了10个CubeSats,四个MicroAls和两个托管有效载荷的最终的发射体验。”

Previously:Spapeflight Inc.填写了Sherpa Space Tugs系列

SpaceFlight Inc.。called its part of the mission SXRS-3, one of a series of rideshare (RS) missions booked with SpaceX (SX). But SXRS-3 represented only about a tenth of the manifest for today’s mission.

其他载荷包括d 36 of Planet’s Earth-observing超级卫星,17颗卫星开普勒通讯'“Internet of Things” constellation, nine payloads forNanoracks”Eyries-1 mission, 30 spacecraft flown forexolaunch.(包括三个冰雷达卫星),三个立方体美国宇航局的V-R3X任务, 20 spacecraft deployed fromD-orbit的空间拖船和两个Capella Radar Spacecraft.


In addition to the customer payloads, SpaceX launched 10 satellites for its own Starlink broadband internet constellation. More than 1,000 operational Starlink satellites, manufactured at SpaceX’s facility in Redmond, Wash.,自2019年以来已推出。然而,这10个卫星是第一个进入Polar轨道的卫星。Starlink已经在“更好”的“Beta测试中,预计新增的添加方式将为扩大β可用性开辟道路。

Satellite deployment finished up 91 minutes after launch.

Today’s mission was conducted under the terms of SpaceX’sSmallsat Rideshare计划, which aims to reduce the complexity and cost of access to space for low-mass payloads. The price for sending 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of payload to a sun-synchronous orbit is $1 million, which translates to less than $2,500 per pound.



下午4:45更新。PT 1月26日:又有另一个与送入轨道的立方体的西雅图区域:卧板,洗涤基础无限制创造了在NASA的PTD-1卫星上进行测试的水性推进系统。


在早期的更新中,我们纠正了部署到其适当三个的冰卫星的数量,并更新了Starship SN9发布的状态。

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