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Cameo appearances and entertainers at the 2021 GeekWire Awards included, clockwise from top left, Sue Bird, Rainn Wilson, The Drunken Tenor and Bobby Wagner. (GeekWire video screen grabs)

What do a “drunken” opera singer, NFL linebacker, women’s pro basketball star and comic actor all have in common? They’re all geeks at heart and they joined us Thursday to help celebrate the 2021 GeekWire Awards.

Assigned once again to a virtual world, we enlisted the help of our singing, sporting, Dwight Schruting friends via video to rattle off the names of the Awards finalists, offer congratulations for everyone’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and motivate them to keep finding ways to improve the world through tech and science.


今年醉酒的男高音返回西雅图周围的方式,回到太平洋科学中心,为今年的奖项。西雅图风暴明星和WNBA传奇苏鸟花了时间远离电子游戏(勉强)来谈谈。西雅图Seahawks超级碗冠军Bobby Wagner放弃让我们的观众知道他有兴趣在路上工作。和西雅图根的“办公室”明星“办公室”明星,与他的道具和唱歌共同分享了他的家乡怪杰斯特。



Grammy Award-winning Metropolitan Opera tenor Robert McPherson, who is affectionately known as醉酒的主人, is back this year for another dizzying display of his musical talents.

Scurrying around Seattle Benny Hill style as part of his operatic rundown of the more than 65 GeekWire Awards finalists, McPherson makes appearances at a number of locations and landmarks, including Pacific Science Center, Gas Works Park, West Seattle, T-Mobile Park, Olympic Sculpture Park, the Fremont Troll, and the Hammering Man. He even masks up for a quick Starbucks stop.

McPherson, who performs for the Seattle Opera, runs through some of the nominees while standing outside the organization’s home at McCaw Hall. He then dashes across Seattle Center to the Pacific Science Center, home of this year’s virtual awards presentation.

It’s there that McPherson meets up with GeekWire chairmanJonathan Sposato - 没有唱歌自己 - 谁在庆祝Geekwire 10年周年纪念中携带一堆气球。

To keep the celebration going, McPherson and Sposato do a “Happy Anniversary” duet like a couple crooners worthy of swooning while Zooming.

Sue Bird

Sue Bird知道一件事或两个 - 或四个 - 关于获胜。狗万平台西雅图风暴的明星守卫有助于球队赢得了多个WNBA标题,包括2020年,她回到了第18季,另一个在冠军赛中运行。




鸟祝贺所有的赢家,并在加入之前享受这一刻,“让我们说实话 - 没有人喜欢一个,做对吧?因此,继续找到改进的方法,因为这只是让你周围的每个人都更好。“

And even though she’s won titles in four of her 17 seasons in Seattle, the 13 times when she didn’t win motivated Bird to work harder to perfect her craft. She encouraged those who didn’t win a GeekWire Award to use it as motivation — “to keep innovating, to keep growing.”

Bird signed off with “a really important game” that she needed to get to as she picked up an NES controller and put on her best (video)game face.

Bobby Wagner

西雅图Seahawks All-Pro LineBacker Bobby Wagner在他肯定的名人的职业生涯中解决了他的艰难对手的公平份额。现在他是taking on a side career in tech and venture capitalas a partner at Fuse Venture Partners, a newly-formed VC firm that’s investing in early-stage Seattle entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas.

“I, like you, am trying to tackle something new,” Wagner said in a message to GeekWire Awards participants. Holding up a football, he added, “Not this tackle, but the world of VC. It’s something I’m extremely excited about.”

Wagner said he hoped to “cross paths” with the innovators and entrepreneurs being celebrated on Thursday night.

Again, let’s hope that’s in the world of tech, because crossing paths with Wagner during his job on Sundays would probably hurt. A lot.

Rainn Wilson

演员Rainn Wilson最着称为电视最大的怪物之一,因为他在“办公室”的德怀特·舒克之际。但而不是通过Geekwire奖项下降并展示了他广泛的知识bears, beets and “Battlestar Galactica,”Wilson instead touted his ties to the region.

“Hey! GeekWire. How’s it goin’? It’s me, Rainn Wilson, the original Seattle geek,” Wilson said in his video message, after struggling to remove a football helmet covered in Seattle Seahawks autographs.

他在海岸线上,他在Shorecrest高中国际象棋队伍上举办了一个国际象棋时钟,然后在学校乐队中扮演的Bassoon。威尔逊,谁spent a year at the University of Washington, also gave a shout-out to GeekWire’s impressive run.

“I salute you GeekWire,” he said. “Ten years — that’s fantastic. Stick with it.”

Wilson signed off with a few lovely lyrics from Perry Como’s 1969 hit “Seattle” …

The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Seattle …



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