作为一个高级合作经理(EM)你都是一个team leader and contributor. You will collaboratively drive strategy and delivery of a product that meets client expectations and user objectives. You will own and be accountable for the entire project lifecycle from contracting through delivery, including maintenance and/or the transition to a client-side team. While balancing the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your project teams, you will also be accountable for meticulously tracking your project’s budgets, expenses, and overall profitability.

What You’ll Do:

Engagement Managers wear a variety of hats depending on the needs of our clients and products. Our core philosophy is delivering software as Lean/Agile as we can – prioritizing, eliminating waste and continuous improvement are integral to this role. That said, you should approach our process with clarity in what the outcomes are but flexibility in how we achieve those – and always an openness to collaborate.

As an advocate for the Substantial approach to design and development, you will ensure clients are read into our process and feel a part of our product teams. You are an enthusiastic evangelist for the products we build and the problems we solve and you embody and model the Substantial values.


PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: Product strategy is a collaborative effort with our clients and discipline leads. Tracking our activities towards the expected outcomes is owned by the EM.

  • Balancing short-term product objectives with long-term product vision
  • 保持积压和定期优先级
  • Assurance of quality user stories and product acceptance when appropriate
  • 概述关键的里程碑和发布日期
  • 在客户和用户的兴趣下驾驶负责任的权衡
  • 对产品/体验/技术有趣的是什么福音
  • Unblocking critical paths of work

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: The EM is the primary point of contact with clients. While open communication with the team is encouraged, it is ultimately the EM who ensures we have a transparent and healthy relationship with our clients.

  • 建立通信乐队和健康边界
  • Keeping focus on business and user objectives
  • Managing expectations and scope creep
  • Providing context and insight into our process
  • Encouraging client participation as a valued team member
  • 创建一个通用语言并在需要时翻译


  • Building accountability into the team activities
  • Providing direction for breaking down work into smaller chunks
  • Facilitating meetings, team collaboration and alignment on the product experience
  • 鼓励负责任的风险,并启用分布式领导机会
  • Administratively overseeing timecards and resourcing changes, including vacation and outages


  • 确保有效地使用客户的预算
  • Meticulously tracking project budget burn and profitability
  • 管理预算限制和预测预计收入
  • 确保团队得到适当的利用
  • Leading contract renewal conversations and contracts
  • Scouting other opportunities for account growth


Who You Are:

  • You are a software evangelist
  • 你是一个舒适且优雅的促进者
    You’re capable of leading a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and our clients and clearly communicating and advocating for our recommendations.
  • You are a collaborative problem solver
    You are a steward for team building and positive morale and a responsible risk-taker. You ensure we are representing a clear point of view to our clients.
  • 您是我们客户的合作伙伴
    You understand the challenges and pivots common to product development and can both manage expectation and build confidence in our process.
  • 你是一个战略思想家
    You can balance long term vision with short term objectives, recognizing opportunities to increase our value to the client and planning at the account level to generate new opportunities.
  • 你是一个同理化的听众
    You are intuitive and proactive in identifying risks and mitigation strategies and are an open ear to the team and our clients to discuss their needs.
  • 你有激光焦点
    You can weed through distractions and scope creep to keep the team focused on the challenges that need the most attention and the work that will bring the users and our clients the most value.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 8 – 10+ years of experience, either client-side, consulting or start-up, in product development, project management and/or account development
  • Proven experience leading teams
  • 在多种技术平台上提供产品或经验的经验或熟悉(例如,浏览器,应用程序,操作系统,移动和连接设备,其他硬件)
  • 熟练与普通的工作流程工具(例如,Trello,Pivotal Tracker,Kanban)
  • 了解开发实践和经验直接与开发团队合作
  • Strong communication, client services, and interpersonal skills
  • 对合作和与他人的共同生长的激情

We offer a comprehensive set of benefits designed to help you do your best work and support your life in & out of the office.

  • Healthcare
  • 401(k)
  • Generous PTO policy
  • 教育福利
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Flexible Working / Remote working benefits




大量strives to be a diverse, inclusive and anti-racist workplace. We value diverse perspectives on our product teams and welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, women and members of historically marginalized populations encouraged to apply.